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Kiss: Poems by Alison Hicks

“With her precise ear for just the right descriptive word, Alison Hicks’s poems
enlarge daily life. Whether running into the father of a childhood friend who
committed suicide, or meditating on Chekhov, or reciting the mantra of drugs
used to treat migraines, Hicks transforms daily experience into something
larger and more transcendent. Her poems glow.” – Kim Roberts, author of
Animal Magnetism, The Kimnama, and The Wishbone Galaxy

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 Locus Mentis: Poems by MaryAnn Miller

“You’ve got to revel in MaryAnn Miller’s poems: their wild variety, humor,
dead-on truth. Their poetic high-jinks—fractured sonnet, sestina, musical free
verse. Their vivid detail seen through a painter’s trained eye. With wit, verve
and devastating delicacy, the language peels back the layers of a long life of
looking hard to reveal the human coordinates of a mind alive with all it has
taken in. Locus Mentis affirms the difficult abundance of life lived in the real time of catastrophe and joy and in the transformative no-time of making art.” – J.C. Todd, author of What Space This Body

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Songs the Sea Has Sung in Me: Poems by P.C. Scheponik

P.C. Scheponik’s previous volumes include Psalms to Padre PioAnd the Sun Still Dared to Shine, and A Storm by Any Other Name. His work has also appeared in a number of literary journals including One Trick PonyThe Thirteenth Warrior ReviewBlue Ink PressAsterius Press, and Black Bear Review. In Songs the Sea Has Sung in Me, Scheponik turns his attention to the healing and redemptive power of the sea and, in so doing, offers hope and inspiration to a world in desperate need of both.

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 A Storm by Any Other Name: Poems by P.C. Scheponik

PC Scheponik’s previous volumes include Psalms to Padre Pio and And the Sun Still Dared to Shine, a collection of poems remembering the Holocaust. His work has also appeared in a number of literary journals including One Trick PonyThe Thirteenth Warrior ReviewBlue Ink PressAsterius Press, and Black Bear ReviewIn A Storm by Any Other Name, Scheponik turns to themes of family, faith, nature, and healing to produce poetry that is at once transcendent and accessible, moving and provocative.

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 To Befriend a Fox: Poems by Richard William Pearce

The late Richard Pearce was a poet’s poet. The content of his work runs the gamut — one minute meditating on the paintings of Edward Hopper, the next playfully recalling a time he made “sidewalk angels” in wet cement. Yet Pearce also had a dark side, as chronicled in much of his later work. Though by no means “complete,” To Befriend a Fox represents the first time a significant portion of Pearce’s poetry has been collected in a single anthology.

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2nd oldest cover  Second Oldest: A Poetic History of Philadelphia

PS Books is pleased to announce the publication of Second Oldest: A Poetic History of Philadelphia by Blythe Davenport. The poems in Second Oldest tell the story of the city and her people, past and present, through fresh and haunting images.

“Blythe Davenport’s mastery of the intricate and unexpected image guides us back and forth from past to present in her poetic portraits of the Philadelphia landscape. She fills her poems with voices, places, and lines like ‘the sun flexes his supernova arm, punching/a perfect round brilliant/in the bruised evening sky.’ This is a book well worth reading and rereading for its informed voice, its subtlety, its grace.”  —Donna Wolf-Palacio, author of What I Don’t Know

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