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 henry  Home With Henry by Anne Kaier

When copywriter Anne Kaier stops traffic to rescue a stray cat, neither she nor the cat knows what lies in store. Readers will lose themselves in this witty, true-life story of how a beguiling cat called Henry helps a single woman make a home in the amped-up city. But first, how will she lure Henry out from under the bed—when not even her spicy ten-year-old nephew can help?

“Pet lovers will lap up every word of this charming and candid story of a single woman opening her heart and home to an emotionally complicated cat. Like the best pet memoirs, it is what we learn about the human experience that matters most.”

—John Grogan, author of Marley & Me

Home with Henry features an outer story—the rescue of a stray cat—but beneath waits a deeper tale, the truth that sometimes the things we reach out to save end up saving us.”

—Curtis Smith, Best American Short Stories author

 Best American Essays notable author Anne Kaier has published in Alaska Quarterly Review, The Gettysburg Review, The Kenyon Review, and Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability, an ALA Notable Book for 2012. Malade, a memoir about sexuality, disability, and the shrine at Lourdes, is out from: Anne lives in Center City, Philadelphia and teaches at Arcadia University and Rosemont College. She has a Ph.D. from Harvard University.

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finalfeigcover-2 Feig:  a novel by Richard D. Bank

Philadelphia attorney David Gold has never done a daring thing in his life-until he meets Jacob Feig, a survivor of Auschwitz who stands accused of murder. “In the end, Feig is really David Gold’s book. As he listens to the stories of survivors, he emerges from his safe isolation-and his insistence that they share their hardest, deepest secrets leads to a deeper connection to the world.” —Simone Zelitch, author of Louisa and Assistant Chair of Literature and Creative Writing, Community College of Philadelphia
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Broad Street by Christine Weiser Broad Street by Christine Weiser

Christine Weiser’s debut novel follows the fictive all-girl underground rock-group, Broad Street, through the highs and lows of struggling for success in the male-dominated Philadelphia rock scene.

“Weiser’s now given birth to Broad Street, the terrific Philadelphia rock roman a clef…Weiser, who has already completed a sequel, is a real writer who gets Kit’s interior voice down in clean, concise prose.” – Philadelphia Inquirer

“As the story unravels, chronicling their ascent from early gigs at seedy clubs to opening slots at the Trocadero, Broad Street becomes in many ways a journey toward self-realization and empowerment.” –The Intelligencer

Broad Street reads like a Philly High Fidelity.” – Shawn McBride, author of Green Grass Grace

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  Public Displays of Affectation by Shaun Haurin

Set in Philadelphia and its immediate suburbs, Shaun Haurin’s debut collection explores the intricacies of the human heart and the complex emotions that bind us together even as they threaten to tear us apart.

“Haurin’s skillful use of language in this collection of stories makes familiar subjects—new love, old love, faithful and unfaithful love–seem vivid, strange, and exciting. This is a book I genuinely enjoyed reading.” – Liz Moore, author of The Words of Every Song and Heft

“With a keen eye for the telling detail and a well-tuned ear for dialogue, Shaun Haurin explores the myriad shades of gray that shroud adulthood and haunt the contemporary heart. A compelling and emotionally intelligent collection.” – Marc Schuster, author of The Grievers

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